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About Data Access Solutions

Data Access Solutions is a Canadian based VoIP carrier focused on international wholesale and retail voice termination Established in 2004 to address the increasing demand in high quality VoIP service.
Through our owned and operated POP in Toronto, direct routes to several destinations in Middle East, North Africa and with cooperation of our worldwide partners, we offer termination services to over 350 companies worldwide including Tier 1, Tier 2 Carriers and calling card companies around the globe.


DAS head office is located at prestigious Building located at:
15 Wertheim Crt. Unit 107, Toronto, Ontario, L4B 3H7, Canada.

DAS servers and equipment are located at 151 Front St. Downtown Toronto, which allows DAS to benefit from Canada’s Security, Political Stability, and strict Privacy law that provide safe haven from numerous controversial laws. The superior Datacenter infrastructure includes environmental control, Fire suppression systems and redundant power sources and UPS and large Capacity of quality Bandwidth and around the clock physical security.

Network and Equipment

DAS Toronto POP location has installed capacity of 10,000 concurrent Voip Sessions and 1,000 transcoding Sessions. These capacities can be rapidly scaled up based on business forecast.
All equipments are interconnected on redundant points to ensure our wholesale and retail voice customers get similar capacities across our network. We provide Robust and Scalable network core with multiple Tier 1 upstream providers to ensure highest uptime.
Our Network Operation Centre (NOC) Team proactively monitors QoS 24×7 across our direct routes to ensure highest completion rates by continuous automated and manual testing while our network engineers and facility staff are available at any time in event of an emergency.

International Wholesale Voice Canada

Career Opportunities

A position with Data Access Solutions will give you more than just work experience; it will give you valuable tools for the future that will help you to the farthest points imaginable.
Please send your resume to info@dataaccessvoip.com title your email RESUME.